CHIMI ART, one family, uniting us all

CHIMI ART, one family, uniting us all

Employees loyalty

Within the framework of the keenness of the Marketing Department and the work on internal marketing in cooperation with the Human Resources Department, we held a quarterly party to celebrate the birthdays of the company's employees, and this celebration was presented by the Chairman of the Board, Engineer Emad Shafik.

From this ceremony, CHIMI ART adopted communicating with the workers and listening to their ideas and removing any barriers that exist between the workers and the management of the company, and this had all the positive impact in affecting the performance of the work and the entire system.

For CHIMI ART to adopt this idea and implement it throughout the year in order to provide employees with important topics such as conveying the company’s values ​​to employees, putting them together within the framework of achieving the company’s goals, all of this creating a spirit of cooperation and a fruitful family atmosphere that CHIMI ART always seeks to achieve regardless of the circumstances.

Under the slogan of CHIMI ART, one family, uniting us all, this was the success that we had been striving for and achieved throughout the year.