Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment

is a process used in removing contaminants from wastewater or sewage and turns it into sludge and an effluent “remained solution “that can be returned to the water cycle with acceptable standards on the environment, or reused again.


to allow human and industrial wastewater to be discharged without danger to human health or making damage to the natural environment

- Who is regulating wastewater treatment?

- Water quality is dictated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  Why do we Treat Wastewater?

It's about caring for our environment and for our own health. There are a lot of good reasons:

1-HEALTH CONCERNS: If water is not properly cleaned, many health issues may raise up.

2-Water scarcity: nowadays many countries suffer from severe water shortages especially developing countries. Indeed, some countries like “Egypt” started working on wastewater treatment processes and many companies began to work on this field for example {CHIMI ART companies the main manufacturer of CHIMI FLOC FR 4014 which is FeCl3 (ferric chloride 40%/ Iron (III) chloride) it is the biggest company for coagulants in the MENA region since 1980.

3-Wildlife and fish wealth: undoubtedly that water pollution affects all aspects of life including wildlife and fish wealth causing a large number of animal deaths.

4-The treated and disinfected wastewater can be sold for industrial processes or used for irrigation of community sports grounds and gardens

Types of wastewater treatment:

- There are three wastewater treatment plants  

The first type: is Enhanced primary treatment:
 It is the physical separation of the water impurities with the help of chemical additives to promote the coagulation and flocculation processes and precipitate the waste impurities in the water.

Example: using coagulants as  CHIMI FLOC FR 4014 (ferric chloride 40% / Iron (III) chloride) and polymer.
The second type is biological wastewater treatment plants.

This type of treatment uses biological substances and bacteria to break down waste matter.
It is a very helpful method for treating wastewater from households and business premises.