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CHIMIART: A Sustainable Future

CHIMI ART is dedicated to bringing the most valuable solutions and providing the best customer experience in meeting water and environmental needs through our innovative technology solutions, products and services.

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Global Standards

The demand for clean water is rising rapidly and so is the need for recycling waste-water to be utilized again. Chemical treatment of the waste-water is considered the most economical method of treatment.

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Proudly Made in Egypt

New Certificate for the certification list at CHIMI ART, after achieving the ISO 9001:2015 and NSF certificate for Ferric Chloride product. Now we achieved Proudly Made in Egypt.

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Get back to Nature : Green WORLD A Sustainable Future...

Here at CHIMIART we focus on markets where technology, innovation, and productivity can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth. Explore Water Treatment products


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CHIMI ART (Which Was Founded In 1977) Is Considered A Leading Company In The Field Of Manufacturing And Supplying Chemicals For Water Treatment Of All Kinds, Fuel Additives And Enhancers, Surface Treatment Chemicals, And Various Industrial Chemicals.

CHIMI ART Is A Pioneer In The Ferric Chloride ( Iron (III) Chloride ) Industry At The Level Of The Middle East And North Africa Regions.
Where Ferric Chloride Is Produced Through The Latest International Production Lines And Whose Production Capacities Exceed 15 Thousand Tons Annually, The Largest Proportion Of Which Is Allocated To Competition In Many Global Markets Because Of The Quality Of Our Products In Conformity With European And International Standards.

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Why Us

We provide full range global chemical industry solution

CHIMI ART provides a set of integrated solutions to improve and facilitate the management er treatment system of all kinds, by providing all services and technical consultations to people, institutions, and bodies concerned with the wastewater treatment sector to help them overcome all obstacles and difficulties they face in the treatment process

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